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For the price of this box, you're not just getting the box. You're getting a gathering to go with it.

Pick up your Winter Box on the Winter Solstice at the Charming Beard Coffee Warehouse.

The Winter Box includes everything from the Value Winter Box plus items from Creminelli, Slide Ridge and more.

December 21
10am - 11am
3340 South 300 West, ste 2

The Winter Box comes with everything the Value Winter Box comes with (specialty products making Utahans proud) plus more...but not as much as the Premium Winter Box. And all of it's a surprise. Read more about what we're doing and what to expect below.

Interested having the box shipped? Email SLCfoodie@gmail.com to inquire.


About Gather:
Gather by SLC Foodie brings all the best specialty products for the
committed Utah-phile that can possibly fit in one box. We hunt down the great things, round them up, package them, and then throw a party and give them to you.

We gather the goods, then we have a gathering to give you the goods we've gathered. Make sense?

Here's the best part. It's all a surprise. Why is that so great? Well, we hope that SLC Foodie's body of work over the last five years encourages you to trust that we're bringing you the best Utah has to offer.

Gather guarantees that:

(a) every product in the box comes from a Utah-based company
(b) what you pay for these boxes is worth a lot more than what you pay

SLC Foodie

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